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  • Altai Kai Siberian Music Workshop

    Altaikai 2Thursday 24 July evening

    The music of Altai Kai  exudes the energy and mystery of a snow-capped mountainous homeland in which powerful spirits need to be brought on side in order for herders and hunters to survive. By combining kai (‘throat-singing’ whereby a single performer creates a melody fattened by spectral overtones) and traditional instruments (horse-hair fiddles, lutes, jaw’s harps, end-blown pipes and shamanic drum) with their own song-writing, this prize-winning six-piece group evokes the mythology, beliefs and everyday ambience of the sacred ‘golden’ Altai Mountains of southern Siberia.
    The 6 musicians of  Altai Kai  will be playing at WOMAD and the Royal Opera House as well as providing this workshop in Cambridge.

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