Dr Erna Lilje: Research Associate

Erna Lilje (PhD) is a post-doctoral Research Associate on the Pacific Presences project. Erna’s interest in Pacific collections has foundations in her own heritage and in research undertaken for her PhD thesis. As part of the Pacific Presences team she

Dr Johanna Zetterström-Sharp: British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow

Johanna Zetterström-Sharp (BA, MA, PhD) is a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow working on collections amassed at the end of the British Empire in Africa. Her research interests are currently focused on the way objects and their biographies can lead to

Bushnell Memorial Lecture 2016

Friday 29 April 2016, 5.30pm
Mill Lane Lecture Theatre 3

How did the Inka think?
Terence N. D’Altroy, Loubat Professor of American Archaeology, Columbia University

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