What sort of things can be seen at MAA? There is extraordinary range of material on display and much that is highly particular and personal – objects representing the acts, beliefs and creativity of particular peoples. The collections also represent

Clarke Hall: Archaeology of Cambridge

Located on the ground floor, the Cambridge Gallery is devoted to British archaeology and, in particular, the archaeology of Cambridge and the surrounding area. The only display of its kind in the city, here you can see some 1,200 objects found in and around the city, dating from prehistoric, Roman and medieval times.

Enquiry service

MAA staff are prepared to attempt to answer queries and to identify objects that fall within the scope of our collections and expertise. We cannot, however, provide valuations, nor can we accept object brought to the museum for identification without a prior appointment.

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about the museum

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge has one of the most important collections of its kind in the UK. Originally founded in 1884, it has been in its present location on Downing Street since 1913. Major redevelopment in


The Museum welcomes school groups of all ages and offers a series of gallery-based taught sessions that draw on unique collections spanning a variety of cultures from around the world.  All taught sessions support the National Curriculum and are tailored


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Maudslay Hall: Anthropology

On the first floor, the Maudslay gallery houses the Museum’s principal Anthropology collection, displaying culturally significant art and material culture from around the world. Here you will find objects from the Pacific voyages of Captain Cook and great works of African, Asian, and native American sculpture.

Andrews Gallery: Archaeology

On the second floor, the Andrews Gallery is dedicated to world archaeology. Displays change frequently and highlight the breadth of the Museum’s archaeological collection.

Li Ka Shing Gallery: Temporary Exhibitions

On the ground floor, the Li Ka Shing gallery is the Museum’s main temporary exhibition space. Please see the What’s On section for further details.


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